A brave new soul…


So after my little hiatus, i’m finally back to show off my brave soul top..you’ll soon realise i quite like the brand 😉

I’ve been busy with my kids…not my biological kids as i have none but the ones i teach…I was writing a play for my youth group who are aged between 12 – 18 and my also my younger ones aged 7 – 9, plus been doing a bit of filming and editing which takes up a bit of time, but it now being the summer holiday i can get back to some good old blogging.

This was a quick little snap session to showcase my outfit today, so found this little spot round the corner from work which had these lovely flowers, which i think adds a lil something to the pictures.IMG_6115IMG_6108What I’m Wearing…

Tracker Jacket – Adidas

Polo Top – Brave Soul

Chinos – Topman

Trainers – Adidas

Watch – Fila

Belt – Diesel

IMG_6048_Fotor_Collage4 IMG_6097IMG_6048_Fotor_Collage3
IMG_6048_Fotor_Collage2IMG_6048_Fotor_Collage1 IMG_6072IMG_6048_Fotor_CollagePictures by Vintagereflection


Hello weekend…


Getting ready for the weekend, and as its bank holiday i’m looking forward to it. I’m just hoping the weather is nice. So today I decided to do a quick lunch time shoot with my friend Amy.

As much as I love summer time I also hate it, well not hate hate, just that I get hayfever so it hinders my fun in the sun, so the hunt starts to find the best tablets…any suggestion is welcomed 🙂

IMG_5757_Fotor_Collage1 IMG_5757_Fotor_Collage2IMG_5757_Fotor_Collage3IMG_5757_Fotor_Collage5 IMG_5757_Fotor_Collage6 IMG_5757_Fotor_Collage7


What i’m wearing –

Top – Brave soul

Belt – Diesel

Jeans – Series Seven

Shoes – Zara

Watch – Fila


Photo Amy



IMG_5596_Fotor1IMG_5595_Fotor_Fotor_Collage8IMG_5595_Fotor_Fotor_Collage9 IMG_5595_Fotor_Fotor_Collage7

As summer dawns on us Amy and I decided to take some pictures at Hyde Park, the sun was out and the scenery was inspiring.

IMG_5595_Fotor_Fotor_Collage6 IMG_5595_Fotor_Fotor_Collage5 IMG_5595_Fotor_Fotor_Collage4

What i’m wearing –

Jacket – Next

Jumper – Topman

Chinos – Jack & Jones

Shoes – Lacoste

Watch – Police

IMG_5595_Fotor_Fotor_Collage3 IMG_5595_Fotor_Fotor_Collage2 IMG_5595_Fotor_Fotor_Collage1 IMG_5595_Fotor_Fotor_CollagePhotos Amy 

Duck,Duck Boot…

IMG_5118IMG_5088_Fotor_Collage IMG_5088_Fotor_Collage1 So the other day I went to Hyde Park with Amy and Emma, the sun was out even though it was a bit chilly.. I decided to dust off my old Timberlands, I don’t wear them that often & it was a good thing I did because the grass was very muddy..I was also challenged by a duck, apparently I was on his turf, now i’m not normally one to duck a challenge but I was scared! there I said it.IMG_5088_Fotor_Collage2 IMG_5088_Fotor_Collage3 What i’m wearing –

Jacket – Bench

Jumper – Brave Soul

Jeans – Five Five Soul

Boots – Timberland

Watch – Prince London


Photo – Amy

Give into the feeling…

IMG_5255IMG_5199_Fotor_Collage Nothing puts me in a better mood than a freebee… ok it wasn’t that special as it was just a free coffee but it was in a lovely rooftop shop, with a beautiful view, and the fact it was totally unexpected…So Amy and I was walking towards our picture destination when a woman handed us two vouchers. After a very tricky photo session due to the swarm of pigeons which decided to flock around us and as Amy has something of a squeamish feeling towards them it wasn’t good.

So after we conquered the flying rats, we decided to go and get our free coffee, well coffee for me and tea for Amy, as we had the option to choose. Now as I have a very sweet tooth, I turned into a little kid in a toy shop when i saw the spread on the table, I had a lovely raspberry muffin, which didn’t last too long. IMG_5199_Fotor_Collage1 IMG_5199_Fotor_Collage2

What i’m wearing –

Hat – Tokyo Laundry

Top – Topman

Jeans – Series Seven

Shoes – Zara

Jacket – Bench

Belt – Diesel

Watch – Fila

IMG_5222_Fotor_Collage3 IMG_5222_Fotor_Collage4 IMG_5255_Fotor_Collage5IMG_5255_Fotor_Collage6Photos – Amy

Weekend bluez…

IMG_5070IMG_5047IMG_5018IMG_5034So i figured i’d kick start the weekend with my blue chinos. I was in Covent gardens and took some pictures in this lovely garden, after we went for tea at Andronicas world of coffee and as they didn’t have any indoor seating we had to dine outside..in the cold,with the pigeons!

I decided to wear my new shirt and shoes today, matched with my blue chinos which I don’t get to wear often so it was nice to get them out and about.IMG_5020 IMG_5032 IMG_5052_Fotor_Collage8

What i’m wearing –

Shirt – H&M

Belt – Diesel Belt

Chino – Topman

Shoes – Zara

Watch – Police
IMG_5052_Fotor_Collage6IMG_5052_Fotor_Collage7IMG_5018_Fotor_Collage5 IMG_5018_Fotor_Collage4 IMG_5018_Fotor_Collage3 IMG_5018_Fotor_Collage2IMG_5018_Fotor_CollagePictures – Vintagereflection

Happy fridays…

IMG_4951IMG_4920_Fotor_CollageIt’s the end of the week and I did some lovely pictures how wonderful. I decided to wear my new wooly hat and my new blue shoes..I love the colours in the hat which will go with a lot of different outfits, I especially love the burgundy which has recently become one of my favourite colour!
IMG_4937IMG_4920_Fotor_Collage1IMG_4950IMG_4920_Fotor_Collage2IMG_4925IMG_4938What i’m wearing…

Hat – Tokyo Laundry

Coat – Bench

T-Shirt – Brave soul

Jeans – Series Seven

Shoes – Zara

Belt – Diesel

Watch – Converse